Suncoast Pinball provides the ultimate pinball experience for the serious gamer, aficionado, and consummate pinballer! With the launch of its all new original pinball line, Suncoast combines an industry leading process with old world craftsmanship.


Cosmic Carnival

Made in the great traditions of classic old school pinball machines but with a modern twist! A fun to play but challenging pinball machine that takes you on a wild cosmic journey through an intergalactic rollercoaster ride of fun. The game includes multiple toys for an adrenaline filled journey through the cosmos. It's an exciting time in the galaxy of fun!

Features :

15.6 inches LCD Screens

RGB LCD Playfield Lighting

Rich Smooth Audio

Color Digitally Printed Solid Wood Cabinet

Made in the USA

State of the art premium clear-coat playfield technology

Original cosmic artwork

2 Unique Fun House Ramps


Award Winning Pinball Graphic Artist Dirty Donny Gillies Designs Latest Suncoast Project

Deemed to be one of the most influential artists to invade the pop culture scenes of the punk, rock n roll and heavy metal underground, Dirty Donny Gillies has been spreading his art across all mediums for decades; ranging from skate decks to pinball machines, hot rods and album covers to name but a few.

Donny Grew up In Ottawa Canada and spent most of his time listening to records, collecting and drawing. School was never his thing and he left at the age of 15. He spent allot of time working in bars and restaurants where he ended up painting signs and chalkboard advertisements. At the same time he was designing flyers, T-shirts and record covers for local bands. His underground work stretched outside his local bubble and he was getting hired by bands and labels around the world and was finally able to make a full go at Art moving to Montreal Canada in 1998.





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